Ireland is an island located in Europe with attractions for both local and foreign tourists. There are several reasons to visit the island, and when you get there, be sure to get top class hotel services from the hotels. The hotels have gained popularity due to the quality of the services. The following are some of the hotels you should visit.

Kilkea Castle Hotel

Kilkea Castle Hotel is an Irish hotel where you can enjoy your stay when in Ireland. Here, you can hold events such as private weddings, corporate events, and also family gatherings. Guests can book a room where there is a variety, including a Deluxe Castle Bedroom, Castle Suite, or a Luxury Castle Bedroom. At this hotel, you get kitchen facilities, a room with a flat-screen TV, WI-FI, and also ensuite bedrooms.

Clayton Hotel Charlemont

The Clayton Hotel is located in the Dublin City Centre in Dublin with a four-star rating. Its location is very convenient since it is easily accessible. At this place, you get quality hotel services such as a fitness centre, free WI-FI, and also some of the best Irish foods and drinks.

Old Borough Hotel-Wetherspoon

The Old Borough is located at a suitable place in Swords, and once you book a home here, you are guaranteed a comfortable stay. Some of the things that will make your stay a good one are a 24-hour front desk service, free WI-FI, a parking area and also you get to enjoy activities such as darts and even live sports events.

Ballsbridge Hotel

The Ballsbridge Hotel is an affordable hotel, and yet you get quality services from them. It is located along Pembroke Road in Dublin with 4-star ratings. Comfort is guaranteed to all persons who stay here. There are tasty foods, and some of the best drinks are served here. You also get room service and also a good free internet connection.