Ireland has some of the most amazing tourist attraction sites in the world. It has spectacular land views and some historical features which are great to learn from. The island also has a sizeable oceanic view and cliffs. Here are some of the best tourist destinations in Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher

This is one of the best tourist attractions sites in Ireland. It is a natural cliff, which stands to overlook the Atlantic Ocean. These cliffs are of a height of 120 metres and give the tourist a great view of the ocean and beaches around. The cliff is covered with grass, which makes it have a pleasant appearance, which is great for photography and is appealing to the eye.


This is a small town which is a must-see when visiting Ireland. This town is very welcoming to visitors, and its bridges have an attractive arch design. They were built using stone, thus making them appear appealing to the eye. The town is filled with natural beauty and has a breath-taking view of nearby beaches.

Killarney National Park

This is a natural tourist attraction site in Ireland. The park is filled with several wild animals, including several herds of red deer. The park also has ancient oaks, an ash forest, and yew trees. It is the home of Killarney Lake. This park is a perfect place for nature lovers to discover whenever they visit Ireland.

Boyne Valley

This valley is about 110 miles long and contains green vegetation, which makes its appearance appealing to many people. The valley can be accessed from Dublin and gives one a great view of some of the island’s wonders. One can see the Newgrange monument, the gatehouses of Trim Castle, and a great view of the crumbling walls from the borders of the valley.