Ireland is one of the best countries to visit in Europe. The green landscapes give some the best scenery around. The beaches of Ireland are also amazing. This country will probably stun you with the ancient castles, rolling hills, and the colourful locals that will welcome you in a very friendly manner. However, you should familiarise yourself with some things before visiting Ireland. Here are some of the things you need to know before visiting Ireland.

Road Trips Are the Best

Road trips are one of the most amazing things to participate in, in Ireland. The country has a surreal environment, which is very pleasant. A road trip will enable one to have a great experience of the pleasant nature of the country. One will also have the chance to enjoy the historical features of the country. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a car and take a road trip while in Ireland.

Visit Small Towns

These small towns come to life during the night. These are the places to visit if you want to know the true heritage of Ireland. These small towns have very social locals who will welcome you well. They listen to their local music during the night as they enjoy some drinks.

Tipping Is Not Necessary

Tipping is a great way to appreciate the service offered to you at a particular place. Tipping is not necessary for Ireland. This is because it is included in the total bill paid. They usually include a tip of about 10%.

Unpredictable Weather

The weather is not predictable in Ireland. Ireland experiences rains regularly. This is why the country has a very green environment. Packing for a trip to Ireland might be complicated as you will have to pack clothes for all the types of weather. It is also important to carry a light umbrella on your trip to Ireland.